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VCA Clinical Studies

VCA Clinical Studies is dedicated to discovery and advancing veterinary medicine for longer, healthier lives of pets and people.

About Our Veterinary Clinical Studies

VCA Clinical Studies is the result of the life-long passion and commitment of Dr. Philip Bergman (Director, VCA Clinical Studies) and Dr. Todd Tams (VCA Chief Medical Officer), for continual advancement of veterinary medicine and the healthcare of animals. VCA is proud to offer these other medical treatment and procedure options for pets who need them and for future generations of pets.

Veterinary clinical studies allow VCA hospitals to stay at the forefront of veterinary care for your pet and give quality care to improve the lives of pets and understand disease, treatment outcomes, and quality of life. Clinical studies benefit all pets by either participating in a study for a new treatment when there are no other current options available or in future years, when other pets may receive a newly approved treatment at their local veterinarian’s office.  

Veterinary clinical studies, sometimes called veterinary clinical trials, may give access to medical care or medical procedures that are not currently available or prescribed for your pet’s healthcare. Clinical studies allow discovery of new treatment options, allow existing treatments to remain available or to develop new procedures based on the clinical studies of medications, medical devices, and other patient treatments. Research data collected from these clinical studies leads to safer, more effective treatments for pets and translates into advances in human healthcare. VCA Clinical Studies is proud to offer these resources to help extend and enrich your pet’s lives.


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News and Resources

Learn about past VCA clinical studies and national research efforts.

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