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Cremation Department
Dirk is a very important member of our team and has been working in the cremation department for over 6 years. Dirk takes pride in his job knows that attention to detail is of the upmost importance. Dirk ensures that other members of the cremation team are on task and treating all responsibilities with care and undivided attention.

When at home, Dirk enjoys playing music- he plays both the acoustic and electric guitar. He spends most of his time at home with his dog, Hoss, and his pet goat, Totes Mc Goats, aka “Totes”.

Pet Care Specialists

Just as we emphasize health, we also understand the value of providing a full line of care to our clients, which may include boarding and/or grooming services. Our team of caring and compassionate staff are here to offer your pets exceptional services that keep them feeling and looking their best while you're away.