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Nutritional Counseling

Pet Nutrition & Counseling from Acacia Animal Health Center in Escondido

Pet nutrition is the foundation for a healthy, well-balanced body and mind. Sound pet nutrition helps prevent disease, avoid injury, and increase vigor for a long and happy life. Acacia Animal Health Center puts the focus on wellness in raising companion animals, and supports you by developing a nutrition plan for each stage of your pet????????s life.

Circle of Nutrition

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) points us to the Circle of Nutrition: factors specific to your pet such as age, activity, and overall health; the diet including medications; and feeding issues such as frequency, timing, location, and method of feeding. In addition, we observe the use of treats, if you over- or under-feed, and competitive eating issues in the home. Environmental concerns include the level of indoor confinement or caging and access to exercise areas such as yards, parks, or runs.

During wellness exams, we address the factors in your pet????????s Circle of Nutrition. We weigh your pet and assess overall conditioning to help determine the current health status. Be sure to bring nutritional information with you to the wellness visit, such as brands and type of food and treats, as well as amount fed at each feeding: I feed one-half cup twice a day is a feeding measurement; I fill the bowl to the top every morning leaves us guessing as to how much or little your pet actually eats.

Nutritional Counseling

A nutritional plan may change from visit to visit, as your pet moves through the various life stages????????a young pet will have different nutritional needs from an adult pet, and a senior pet or one with a system compromised by disease will have still other needs. We help you to establish an appropriate nutritional program at home to support your pet????????s specific needs and lifestyle.

Obesity is a rising problem for companion animals, increasing their susceptibility to many diseases including diabetes and heart disease. Pet obesity can be corrected with nutritional management and appropriate levels of activities.

Most pet conditions, diseases, and even allergies are influenced by nutritional instability. Dietary therapy is often used as a complementary treatment for these concerns. In some cases, diet alone can be the cause of your pet????????s distress. This can be true for a variety of skin and coat issues as well as gastro-intestinal problems.

Your VCA Acacia veterinarian will counsel you on nutrition issues of every kind, helping guide you to the most appropriate supportive care for your pet.

Read this helpful article from AAHA Nutritional Assessment Guidelines for Dogs and Cats.