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Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in North County's Finest Animal Hospital

The veterinary laboratory is the silent partner of the VCA Acacia. Working behind the scenes, the laboratory is in constant use from the first wellness visit to a critically ill patient.

The Laboratory in Veterinary Diagnostic Work

Our state-of-the-art laboratory offers immediate testing to confirm diagnoses, identify diseases and parasites, and to monitor patient progress. Tests taken at wellness exams, such as a chemistry panel, complete blood count, or urinalysis, offer baseline results, healthy levels for comparison as your pet matures or becomes ill. If your pet gets sick, laboratory tests help us identify the cause of the illness and even to measure progress during treatments until your pet is well again.

In many types of laboratory tests, we receive immediate or same-day results. This allows us to determine the source of the problem with greater accuracy and begin treatment sooner. Debbie Fisher, MLT (certified Medical Laboratory Technician), supervises our lab. She sets unusually high standards for Acacia's laboratory. Debbie previously supervised the laboratory at the San Diego Safari Park for 10 years.

For laboratory tests that require more time for results, our experienced laboratory technicians and support staff ensure a greater degree of accuracy. In addition, our experienced veterinarians work together as a team to evaluate your pet's results.

Pre-surgical screening tests allow us to determine the patient's risk level for tolerating anesthesia and surgical procedures. We recommend such testing for patients of every age including young and healthy pets having any type of anesthesia and surgery, even a spay or neuter surgery.

VCA Acacia's veterinary laboratory also offers the ability to process animal stem cells for our stem cell therapy program. This is a unique and valuable capability, unavailable in many veterinary facilities.

Modern, clean, accurate-that's what you can expect from VCA Acacia's veterinary laboratory.