Pet Boarding

Dog Boarding

All of our canine runs are indoor and climate controlled. All pets boarding with us are offered fresh water throughout the day and a blanket or mat to sleep on.

Walking/Feeding Times/Frequency
Pets who are not in daycare are walked 3 times per day for about 20 minutes in their own individual outside area. We can feed your pet as often as you like but most pets are fed after all pets are walked, generally around 9:00am and in the evening around 5:00pm. If your pet has special needs like diabetes or seizures we can accommodate for those ailments, just let us know what your pet needs. 
Keeping careful records of your pet
While your pet stays with us we keep careful records of them to monitor their general well-being as well as their food, urination and bowel movement habits.

Requirements to Board
Current Rabies
Distemper Parvo
Bordetella (1 year)
Leptospirosis (1 year)
Influenza (1 year)
 Annual Fecal Test
Annual Heartworm Test
Flea/Tick and Heartworm Prevention

Tips to make checking in smooth
Make sure all of your pet’s vaccines, heartworm and fecal test records are up-to-date and current with our requirements. 
Label all of your pets belongings with his first and last name.
Less is more! You are welcome to bring one bed or blanket and one toy.
Don’t bring your pets favorite items as sometimes things do get misplaced during the daily sanitation of the facility or if your item needs to be washed. 
Have any of your pet’s medications properly labeled and ready to go. *Medications must be in a prescription bottle, clearly labeled from your pets Veterinarian.
Let us know if your dog has medical conditions, allergies, special needs or behavioral issues.
Complete the boarding agreement and have it ready for presentation to a receptionist. 
Let a receptionist know if you would like daycare, or a nail trim, premium bath or other grooming services while boarding. Keep in mind some of those services must be scheduled.