Pet Boarding

Doggy Day Care

We are located at

515 W. Central Avenue
Andover, KS 67002

We are located directly behind our veterinary clinic and adjacent to the Faith Baptist Church on the south side of Central about 1 block West of Andover Road. 

P: (316) 733-0512

Tips to make daycare check-in smooth

First visit:
An appointment must be scheduled before you bring your pet in so we can make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible. 
Vaccine records must already be received 
Have completed daycare agreement ready
If you want your pet to have lunch, bring it with you in a container with his name on it.

After first visit:
Whenever you update your vaccines and heartworm test with your veterinarian, ask them to fax a copy to Andover Boarding Kennel at 316-733-8121.
Keep your pet leashed and tell the attendant the first and last name of your pet and approximate pick-up time.


Q: Why should my pet be in daycare?

A: Daycare is a great way to help your pet socialize, get exercise and come home happy.

Q: How old does my pet have to be?

A: Your pet must be 12 weeks of age and at least 3 pounds.

Q: Does my pet need to be fixed?

A: If your pet is 6 months or older, he/she must be neutered or spayed to enter daycare.

Q: What type of play occurs in daycare?

A: When dogs play, they can get quite rowdy. Imagine a group of three year old children all playing outside. That is a similar image to doggy daycare. It is highly possible that while playing in daycare your pet may sustain bumps, bruises and scratches while playing, either from his/her playmates or from playing on our equipment. 

Q: Do you have indoor and outdoor facilities?

A: We have both indoor and outdoor daycare facilities. It is completely up to the attendant to decide where to move his/her group to. They may keep pets inside more during extreme weather or if there are only a few in daycare. They will likely move them to our larger outdoor facilities with more dogs in daycare to help keep play calm. 

Q: Is playtime supervised?

A: Our daycare attendants stay with the daycare dogs at all times. They help facilitate play and monitor behavior. Please remember that dogs can always cause mischief even if our attendant is watching, just like children can cause mischief in school without their teacher knowing. 

Q: Are there areas for tired pets to nap?

A: If your pet gets tired he/she will likely find a quiet area to take a nap. If you would like us to put your pet up for a specific time, we can put them in the kennel area to relax for a period of time.