We are committed to caring for your pet – while maintaining the highest level of safety for our Associates and pet owners. We thank you for your continued patience and support. 
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We are experiencing extended wait times due to increased emergency cases. We ask that you are courteous and patient with our team as we continue to provide quality care.
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The lumbosacral region refers to the lower back of your dog. A dorsal laminectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a portion of vertebral bone from the dorsal, or back, of the spinal column. A lumbosacral dorsal laminectomy is a surgical procedure performed in the lower, rear portion of your dog's spine. This procedure is performed to take pressure off the spinal cord and associated nerves when a damaged intervertebral disc or other vertebral dysfunction is causing bruising or swelling in the vertebral canal, affecting the nerves and spinal cord.
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At VCA Animal Referral and Emergency Center our specialty teams are capable of diagnosing and managing certain neurologic cases. If your pet is experiencing any issues such as epilepsy, herniated disks, spinal and head injuries, meningitis, and/or cancers of the nervous system please bring your pet immediately.

While your primary care veterinarian can diagnose and treat many health problems, certain diseases and conditions require the care of a doctor who has had specialized, intensive training in veterinary neurology in order to provide the very best outcome for your pet. If your pet is in need of a veterinary neurology specialist, please give us a call so we may assist you in finding a facility near you that offers this service.

Our Neurology Services

Dorsal Laminectomy (cervical and lumbosacral)
Non-Surgical Spinal Cord Disease Diagnosis and Management
Seizure Diagnosis and Management

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