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Sandy C.
Technician Assistant Supervisor

Growing up in a family that was surrounded by different types of animals, it made me aware of a level of comfort around them. I have worked in different fields from nursing homes to retail stores and none of them compare to my current job. Working in an environment that provides me with a large amount of knowledge on a daily basis as well as being witness to the love and commitment between a pet and its owner is a very rewarding feeling. Being hired as a VCA employee has taught me how to properly take care of an animal in need from a medical stance. The thought of being a part of a team that dedicate their time and effort in strengthening and improving the health of an ill pet are one of the many reasons as to why going to work seems more like a calling than a job. At the end of the day, it is very difficult to not form a bond to a pet that stays at the hospital, either from boarding or due to a medical condition.

Veterinarian Support

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