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Kimberly Reiter
Registered Veterinary Technician RVT

I started my career at VCA Emergency Animal Hospital in 1992, as a new RVT graduate from Mesa College. I have been part of the surgery service since 1995. In 2003, I completed schooling to become a Surgery Technician at Kaiser Permanente Hospital. After three years "on the human side" and two babies later, I returned to the veterinary field for a better work/life balance. While working at Kaiser I did learn that surgery, whether with humans or animals, is above all about the personal experience of the patient and their families. 

As an RVT I enjoyed caring for the patients during and after surgeries the most. I wanted to continue to assist owners while their beloved pets are hospitalized and a new role was created. As a Doctor Assistant Coordinator, I'm able to assist the surgeons and advocate for owners in all aspects of the surgical experience here at VCA Emergency Animal Hospital & Referral Center.  

I'm supported by my amazing husband, equally amazing grown teenagers and some of the cutest pets you'll ever meet.