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Allergy and Itchy Skin Relief

Unlike some areas in the country, allergies are a year-round issue here in Hawai????????i. Many pets suffer from allergies. Signs of allergies can include scratching, redness in the ears, and "scaly" skin. Allergy symptoms can also involve the respiratory system, causing coughing, sneezing, and/or wheezing. In some cases, allergies involve the digestive system, resulting in vomiting, flatulence or diarrhea.

Allergies are quite common in both dogs and cats. There are four common types of allergies: contact, flea, food, and inhalant. Each has common clinical signs and unique characteristics

If your pet is showing symptoms which may be signs of an allergy, many treatments are available to you. Advanced diagnostics are also available. Our hospital offers consultation with Board Certified Veterinary Dermatology Specialists for pets who require more in-depth analysis.