Preventive Care


We offer core and optional but recommended vaccines for all of our clients.  We highly recommend yearly booster vaccines to prevent these serious diseases and viruses from affecting your beloved pets.

Rabies - One of the most important vaccines.  Rabies is a serious disease with the potential to infect humans and cause death.

Canine Distemper - This widespread virus can be fatal for unprotected dogs, especially puppies.

Bordetella - Also known as Kennel Cough, this virus is easily spread through airborne and physical contact with infected dogs and dog owners, and is commonly spread through kennels and dog parks.

Leptospirosis - This fatal disease is spread through contact of urine and contaminated water outside that is accessible to wildlife.

Lyme - This vaccine protects against an ever growing threat: Lyme Disease.  Caused by tick bites, this debilitating and fatal disease is commonly misdiagnosed.

Canine Influenza - This virus is spread through airborne and physical contact of infected dogs and can cause death in puppies and elderly dogs.

Feline Distemper - This vaccine covers the Panleukopenia disease, which can be fatal, and Rhinotracheitis Virus/Calicivirus, which are responsible for most feline respiratory diseases.

Feline Leukemia - This disease is most often seen in cats who live completely or partially outdoors and can seriously compromise the immune system, causing cancer and death.