Preventive Care

Wellness Testing

When pets are ill, they cannot tell us what's wrong.  That is where Wellness Testing comes into play.

Blood tests can be used to detect, treat, and prevent potentially dangerous illnesses.  A standard blood test panel will include:

- A Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC), which provides important information about the types and numbers of blood cells in your pet's blood.  This test can show indications of infection, chronic inflammation, or other disease processes.

- A Blood Chemistry Profile, which is important for evaluating organ function, electrolytes, blood sugar, screening for endocrine disorders, and so on.  Any abnormalities will help direct your pet's veterinarian on further diagnostic testing that may be necessary.

- A Heartworm Test, which can detect evidence of heartworm disease, a dangerous and fatal disease that is easily prevented through use of oral or topical medications.

- A Urinalysis, which can show evidence of healthy urine production and kidney function, or the presence of crystals, stones, or sediments which could lead to bladder stones or urinary blockages.  It can also detect the presence of bacteria that commonly causes urinary tract infections.

To provide a complete picture of your pet's health, your veterinarian will often combine a blood panel with other types of laboratory tests to establish a baseline picture of what represents good health for your individual pet.