Advanced Care

Animal Rehabilitation

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Kristen Blum, DVM, CCRT, at VCA Powder Paws. She has been certified in canine rehabilitation since 2009 and runs our canine rehabilitation program. Her gentle way with pets and hands-on approach yield great results.

Therapeutic Exercise
We love doing therapeutic exercises designed for each individual patient. These exercises involve use of balls, ramps, poles, rocker boards, and other creative ways to help gain strength, flexibility, and balance. You can continue most exercises with a home program as well!

Laser Therapy & Massage
We offer laser therapy and massage included in our therapy session. Laser therapy uses laser energy to generate a photochemical response in damaged or inflamed tissue. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation to help heal faster.

Underwater Treadmill

Underwater treadmill may be used as part of your dog’s treatment. Water helps to strengthen muscles while reducing joint impact. We will use this for patients healing from surgery, helping our aging patients continue to move in a relaxing way, or patients that need a little help in their weight loss goals.