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Four personality differences between dog people and cat people


Dog person or cat person? It is a question that animal lovers hear a lot. Sometimes the answer is a relaxed, general preference for one or the other that still harbors good feelings to both furry companions. But some people can be quite passionate, declaring their allegiance to cats or dogs while wholeheartedly and unabashedly knocking the other species.

Could there be a reason people gravitate to one species over another? After all, cats and dogs are so different, so are their owners just as different, too?

Some studies say that they are, finding distinct personality differences between dog people and cat people. Here’s what’s been found:

Extroverted vs. introverted:
Dog people are naturally outgoing and extroverted, enjoying the social interactions that canine activities, such as spending time at dog parks, afford. Cat people are content keeping to themselves, preferring to spend a quiet evening at home with their cats rather than seeking social engagements.

High energy vs. low energy: Dog people like keeping active, which dog ownership naturally provides plenty of opportunity for. Hiking, running, swimming—there are plenty of activities that dogs enjoy. Cat owners prefer low-energy hobbies, like reading or baking, which can be done comfortably from home with their cat companion nearby.

Rule-following vs. non-conformists: Much like their canine companions, dog people tend to be more likely to take rules and duty seriously. Meanwhile, similarly to their feline companions, cat people are unconventional free thinkers, questioning rules set before them.

Structured vs. open: Dog people prefer to have structure in their lives, with plans and routines firmly in place. Cat people are more curious and creative, open to new experiences. Both cat people and dog people probably appreciate the similarity of preferences in their chosen species.

If these traits don’t sound like you, don’t be surprised. These findings are based on generalizations from surveys of dog and cat people, and not everyone will fit the mold.

So rather than focusing on differences, let’s focus on the one most important similarity of all between dog and cat people: the love for our pets!


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