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Discover veterinarian-approved heartworm prevention medications for dogs and cats that will help keep them protected. Available options include chews, tablets, and topical solutions from brands you trust such as Heartgard® and Revolution®.


Frequently Asked Questions About Heartworm Prevention

Is there a natural way to prevent heartworms?

While there are no naturally effective heartworm prevention methods, avoiding mosquito exposure whenever possible is recommended since these pests are responsible for spreading the disease to your dog or cat.

How often should dogs get heartworm medicine?

Many veterinarians recommend giving heartworm treatment for dogs on a monthly basis throughout the year in the form of a chew, tablet, or topical solution. This monthly schedule ensures that your dog or cat is always protected from heartworms and the mosquitos that carry them. 

Do indoor cats get heartworms?

Yes, indoor cats can get heartworms, although it is less common since mosquitos that carry the disease have more trouble getting inside. To ensure your indoor cat does not develop heartworms, both annual testing and monthly heartworm prevention medication for cats are recommended.

What are the first signs of heartworms in cats?

The earliest signs of heartworms in cats can include coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, rapid or difficult breathing, weight loss, lethargy, and more. In some cases, these signs may not appear until fatal complications start to arise.


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