How to choose a toothbrush and toothpaste for your pet

choosing a pet toothbrush

Brushing your pet’s teeth is the best thing you can do at home to keep their teeth healthy. But you want to be sure that you have the correct products to get the job done right. 

Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing a toothbrush and toothpaste for your pet:


Commercial toothbrushes are available that are specifically designed for use in pets. These include:

  • Brushes with angled handles to fit the curve of your pet’s mouth
  • Brushes with multiple heads so that you can simultaneously brush the inside, outside and top surfaces of the tooth
  • Small brushes that fit comfortably in your hand
  • Finger toothbrushes designed to fit over the tip of your finger

The type of toothbrush you use depends a little on the size of your dog and a little on your own dexterity. Many pet owners find it easier to use a finger brush, especially when just beginning to brush their pet’s teeth. But finger brushes may be harder to fit in the mouths of cats or very small dogs. It may be a good idea to have a few sizes or types of toothbrushes available to aid with brushing hard-to-reach areas.

Check with your veterinarian if you are uncertain of which brush to use.

It is important to use only toothpaste designed for pets. Human toothpastes contain ingredients like fluoride that should not be swallowed. If it is swallowed, it can cause an upset stomach or digestive disturbances. Some human toothpastes contain high levels of sodium, which may make your pet ill, and some contain xylitol, which is toxic for dogs.

Pet toothpaste is available in a number of different flavors that are yummy to pets, including poultry, beef, fish, malt and mint. By using a product that tastes good, your pet will be more likely to enjoy the experience. You may have to experiment with different flavors to find the one your pet likes best.


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