Foods that make pets itch


If your pet is itchy, it is possible that food allergies are the cause. Pets with food allergies can be intensely itchy and may scratch, chew and groom themselves to the point of causing sores and bald spots. 

Food allergies occur when your pet's body reacts to regular food as though it’s bad for them. This usually happens with foods your pet has eaten a lot of, like chicken, beef or salmon, which are the most common ingredients in pet foods and treats. This means that pets can develop an allergy to their food even if they have been eating that food for a long time. 


To diagnose food allergies, your veterinarian will have you put your pet on a diet trial of prescription hypoallergenic food for a period of time. And there’s no cheating! Your pet can't get any other food for the entire trial period. If your pet is no longer itchy by the end of the trial, then it is likely that food allergies are in fact the cause. 

Your veterinarian will recommend the hypoallergenic diet that’s best for your pet.

Food allergies and other problems—such as flea allergies, environmental allergies, skin infections and mites—may look very similar in pets, so make sure to speak with your health care team if you are concerned that your pet may have food allergies.   

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