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Parasite Prevention For Dogs & Cats

Make parasite prevention a priority. Year-round parasite prevention and regular testing will
protect your pet—and you!—from many diseases.

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Why Is Parasite Prevention Important?

Parasites can cause irritating infestations and serious diseases that can make your pet sick and affect your family’s health (yes, some can be passed on to humans!). Plus, they’re everywhere. A walk in the park or woods may bring your pet in contact with ticks, which spread Lyme and other diseases, or mosquitoes, which spread the potentially deadly heartworm disease.

Just One Mosquito Bite Can Infect Your Pet with Heartworms

Mosquitoes ingest heartworm larvae when feeding on an infected animal. These larvae mature within the mosquito and then are spread to any healthy pets bitten by the infected mosquito. Worms grow and lodge in an infected pet’s heart, lungs and pulmonary arteries, where they cause illness—and even death. Some cats may seem perfectly normal until the disease turns fatal, making regular testing very important.

Protect Your Dog from Fleas and Ticks

Beyond causing discomfort, fleas and ticks can carry dangerous zoonotic (transmittable to humans) diseases. Fleas can carry tapeworm larvae that your pet can ingest. Ticks may transmit serious diseases such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever to both you and your pet.

No Cat Is Safe from Fleas and Ticks

Beyond causing discomfort, fleas and ticks can carry dangerous zoonotic (transmittable to humans) diseases. Fleas can carry tapeworm larvae that your pet can ingest. Ticks may transmit serious diseases, such as cytauxzoonosis to your cat and Lyme disease to you.

One Chew, Triple Protection with Simparica Trio®

Simparica Trio® (sarolaner, moidectin and pyrantel) is a safe monthly chewable with three proven ingredients designed for defense for all parasites from 8 weeks of age and older. 
• Protects dogs against heartworm disease, ticks & fleas and roundworms & hookworms
• FDA-approved to block infections that may cause Lyme disease by killing deer ticks

Comprehensive Protection with Revolution® PLUS

Revolution® PLUS (selamectin and sarolaner topical solution) is a safe monthly topical solution that protects your cat against six of the most common parasitic problems, including: fleas, ticks, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms and heartworm disease.

Your Veterinarian Can Help

Make prevention against disease-carrying fleas, ticks and mosquitoes a priority. Many highly effective preventive treatments are available from your veterinarian, making pest control safe, easy and manageable.


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Parasite Prevention. Made for Real Life.  

A CareClub® membership helps keep your pet parasite-free thanks to unlimited exams* and screening tests tailored to their needs, including fecal and heartworm testing.**

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Parasite prevalence data for dogs and cats in the U.S. from “Parasite Prevalence Maps (2023),” Companion Animal Parasite Council, accessed March 1, 2024, 
*Unlimited exams are any exams during regular business hours excluding specialty, urgent care, telemedicine or emergency exams.
**Available on the Adult and Senior CareClub plans.
CareClub Memberships are preventive pet health care plans and not pet insurance.
CareClub Membership covers only the selected health care services and products which are specifically identified in the applicable CareClub Membership agreement.