Fleas and ticks may have more access to your home than you think


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Even if your pet spends all of their time cozied up inside, they could still pick up fleas and even a tick. Both fleas and ticks can get into the home by hitching a ride on you or sneaking in through a door or window.

Fleas are tricky creatures—not only can a single female flea start an infestation, she can leave eggs in carpets and pet beds that can infest a home in just 30 days. Worse yet, if your pet is allergic to fleas, all it takes is one bite to make them extremely uncomfortable.

And just think: a single female flea can eat up to 15 times her body weight in blood in just one day! That may not be a big deal with just one flea, but lots of fleas may end up leaving your pet anemic.

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Ticks are just as awful. They spread all kinds of serious diseases, like Lyme disease, which is dangerous for both dogs and humans.

In warm, humid areas, fleas and ticks thrive year-round. But even in more seasonal climates, a warm spring or fall can extend the flea and tick season up to 10 months a year. Plus, once inside your house, fleas and ticks can survive all year long, regardless of the weather outside.Vigilance and prevention with year-round flea and tick control medication are the keys to keeping your pet protected from these pests:

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  • Regularly check your pet’s skin and coat for fleas and ticks.
    Make your daily cuddles both fun and productive! Check the neck area, the stomach, the ears, between the toes and around the tail base. Ticks like hiding in tricky spots and fleas move quickly, so both can be hard to find. A flea comb can really help!
  • Check their bedding.
    Flea waste (“flea dirt”) may be found in your pet’s favorite napping spot.
  • Use a parasite preventive.
    Give yourself some peace of mind with veterinarian-recommended parasite preventives, which are both safe and convenient. As an added bonus, many of these preventive products protect against several other parasites.

Your veterinarian can prescribe the best preventive product for your pet based on their breed, lifestyle and local risk.

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