Advanced Care

Orthopedic Surgery

Our hospital offers a number of Orthopedic Surgery Services. Drs Carter and Kasper have years of experience in orthopedic veterinary care.  They are able to provide care for a high percentage of bone and joint maladies.  If your pet breaks its leg, procedures such as bone pinning and/or wiring may be necessary to fix the fractured bones. If your pet experiences a knee ligament injury (for example, a cruciate ligament tear), a surgical procedure may be recommended. Dislocating (luxating) knee caps (patellas) may sometimes require surgery to minimize pain and improve your pet's quality of life.  Here at VCA Spring Animal Hospital we can use a wide array of orthopedic equipment to manage orthopedic conditions.  We also work with local board certified orthopedic surgeons to treat more severe conditions.  Please call and ask our staff about which Orthopedic Services we offer or if you have additional questions.