Cat grooming and coat care for improved health and hygiene

    cat grooming and care

Summertime brings sun, fun and, yes, grooming challenges for our cats, whether it’s the heat or shedding. Luckily, a few simple tips and the right tools will make grooming time a breeze and keep your cat cool and looking good!



Shedding getting you down? Brush your cat daily (and foster your bond!). Summer is synonymous with shedding for many breeds, but daily brushing can help keep your home fur and dander free. Regular brushing also keeps your cat’s coat light and airy on hot summer days, which can help prevent overheating. As an added bonus, grooming sessions are a purr-tastic chance for bonding time with your cat.

Never reach for scissors. 
Burrs, tangles and mats are a common challenge in cats but can be  gently worked out with brushes, combs or (for big clumps) clippers. Avoid scissors to prevent accidentally cutting your cat’s delicate skin.

Bathe only as needed. 
Cats are known for their careful grooming habits and rarely need a bath. There’s no need to add extra baths in the warmer months. If you notice that your cat needs a little help in the grooming department, speak to your veterinarian before beginning a bathing routine. They may recommend a leave-in shampoo to avoid skin issues caused by repeated baths.

No more tears? No more baby shampoo.
While ideal for babies, baby shampoo is harsh for our feline friends. Opt for a shampoo made specifically for cats to avoid harsh chemicals that can irritate their skin. A hypoallergenic shampoo without added perfumes is the best choice.


Summer ‘dos? While a shave may seem like a solution to keep your cat cool, most cats, even those with long hair, cope very well with hot summer temperatures without needing a haircut. In fact, their hair can protect them from sunburn and helps to insulate them from the heat. Even when removing mats, leave at least one inch of hair to insulate your cat from the heat and protect their skin from harmful UV rays.


Bathing best practices. Transform bath time into a relaxing experience for you and your cat with these handy accessories:

  1. Non-slip mat: Provides stability for your cat.
  2. Pet shower head attachment: Offers a gentle, low-pressure spray for a calm bathing experience.
  3. Shampoo squirt bottle: Combines shampoo and water for instant suds.
  4. Apron: Protects you from water splashes during bath-time antics.
  5. Cushy bath kneeler: Saves your knees from discomfort while bathing your cat.


With these tips and tools at your disposal, you can ensure that your cat stays clean, comfortable, and cool throughout the summer months. Lather up, rinse away and enjoy bath-time bonding with your cat!


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