VCA Charities’ A Home for the Holidays campaign raised $75,000 in the month of December to support adoption readiness and veterinary care for pets waiting for a home through VCA Charities programs.

Thanks to the campaign and the generosity of donors, and VCA Associates fundraising in hospitals, VCA Charities granted nearly $45,000 in “A Home for the Holiday” grants, supporting 15 nonprofit partners and shelters across the country. The grant supported adoption readiness such as medical care, spay and neuter, and adoption fees and cleared shelter wish lists for the most needed items.

“In many cases, the adoption fees were for harder-to-adopt pets, some were older, had medical issues, or have been at a shelter a really long time,” says Kim Van Syoc, executive director of VCA Charities. “Combined with funding for additional medical support for some of those pets, our grant provided an extra incentive for people looking to adopt.”

Many wish lists were also cleared, including for the Los Angeles County Fire Foundation Search Dog Team, which was most recently deployed in response to Hurricane Ian. Additionally, a 12-year-old Labrador named Morgan that was rescued from Mexico by The Animal Pad was in need of an oncologist, and funds from the campaign were able to go toward a grant for his care with the VCA Emergency Animal Hospital & Referral Center  in San Diego.

“Through these grants, we made a pretty big difference in helping pets find homes this holiday season,” says Van Syoc. “It was amazing, it was heartwarming, and it was all possible because of our generous clients and our Associates.”

Local Hospital Helps Clear Wish List

Some clients were so inspired by the campaign that one local hospital reported they even donated to support local shelters. “The clients have been very giving this year and I honestly didn't expect that. Just because of how tough it’s been recuperating from the whole 2020,” says Rachel Colon, hospital manager for VCA Oak Hills Animal Hospital in San Antonio, TX.

VCA Charities grant to the San Antonio Animal Care Services (ASC) shelter helped clear wish list items and the team enlisted the staff from the VCA Oak Hills Animal Hospital to help deliver the items! The hospital team dressed up in merry clothing and took items such as food, treats, toys, and formula to the facility to see the important work ASC is doing.

“We got to see just how much they care for those pets,” says Colon. “I think in the animal field itself; you find the most passionate people. We all have the same purpose at our core, and it's to make pets live longer, healthier, happier lives.”

How VCA Charities Helps Pets

“As part of VCA Charities mission of helping pets find and remain in loving homes, we really loved the idea of inspiring clients to help pets find a home for the holidays along with us,” says Van Syoc. “The funds raised during December will go towards helping with adoption readiness and veterinary care as well as supporting “safety net programs”, which are shelter programs that help struggling pet owners care for and feed their pet.”

VCA Charities has four main grant programs to help support pets in need, including:

  • HOPE Funds. Helping Overcome Pet Emergencies – or HOPE Funds, provides financial support for income-qualified pet owners who cannot afford the cost of emergency veterinary care at VCA, in partnership with VCA Associates who work to submit applications on behalf of qualifying pets and their owners.
  • Ready for Rescue. A grant program designed to remove barriers to pet ownership by supporting adoption readiness through veterinary care, behavior training and transport programs.
  • Disaster Relief. Grants are typically awarded following disasters affecting communities where VCA operates, funding veterinary care, transportation, medical supplies/resources and temporary shelter.
  • Fighting Hometown Hunger. A pet food pantry program made possible through Hill’s Pet Nutrition and 15 pantry partners across the United States. Each year, this program helps provide nearly 600,000 meals for pets belonging to low-income pet owners.

In the last two years alone, grants provided through Hope Funds has helped nearly 600 pets in crisis supporting owners who couldn’t afford care thanks to VCA Associates acting as advocates.

Continuing the Giving Spirit

While the A Home for the Holidays campaign ended December 31, its impact will continue both in terms of funding important VCA Charities programs and the spirit of generosity to help pets.

“I feel like after we went through 2020, everybody was so separate,” says Colon. “This was a way for this clinic to remember their why and why we do what we do. And that’s to connect with people and their pets.”

When you donate to VCA Charities, your dollars support local pet owners in need. To learn more about VCA Charities, visit  or find us on Instagram  and LinkedIn.