We believe that VCA is the best place to for veterinary professionals to work. In honor of World Veterinary Day, Christine Priest, DVM, vice president of talent acquisition and Catherine Roelse, LVT, director of talent acquisition for veterinary technicians and assistants, share their thoughts on what that means.

Christine Priest, DVM
Vice President of Talent Acquisition

I started my career with VCA as an associate veterinarian in 2005. I remember vividly the nervous excitement that comes along with that first job. I often reflect on the early days of my career, especially my internship, for inspiration in my current role as vice president of talent acquisition.

The collective experiences my team and I have had working in veterinary medicine are the basis for the VCA Academy Mentorship Program – to support new Associates. It’s important to me that anyone we welcome to VCA knows that we’re passionate about supporting them and that we’re committed to their career development.

In fact, career development is one of our key strengths as a company – I like to say, “There is no static in VCA.” We are not a cookie cutter organization where all hospitals are the same. Every veterinarian has different interests, and with over 1,000 hospitals to choose from, we have the hospital that is the right fit for those interests. People change throughout their careers, and we have the ability to support them by matching them to a career path that fits with their developing interests.

I’m just one of many examples of the limitless options available for career advancement within VCA. After the hospital I worked for was acquired by VCA, I served as medical director for several years. I was later asked to join the talent acquisition team. Like so many of my colleagues, I was given the opportunity to advance and grow into my current position. 

We often spend more time at work than we do at home, where we work matters. I make sure the talent we speak with knows VCA will support them with the best technology and support staff so they can practice the best medicine possible. If they choose to practice until they retire they can do that, and if they decide they want to explore other career paths within VCA we will support them in that too. The sky is the limit at VCA.

Catherine Roelse, LVT
Director of Talent Acquisition for Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

One of the things that makes VCA so unique is that we’re a group of animal hospitals that were once private practices. Since we retain Associates in acquisitions, hospitals are able to maintain their unique cultures while being connected to all of the resources of a large company. 

As a result, our hospitals offer everything in the industry a prospective Associate could want. From general practice to highly specialized types of care, there is a fit for everyone. With locations all over the country, our Associates have the freedom to be mobile. 

VCA offers a full range of benefits which reflects our commitment to Associates’ health and well-being. Many candidates are pleasantly surprised to find VCA offers paid maternity leave as well as parental leave. I also believe our commitment to flexibility is extremely important, allowing for work-life harmony in our high-stress industry.

And finally, like Dr. Priest, I am living proof of the unique VCA culture that values each person’s individual skill and personality, as well as the commitment to supporting people in new roles they’re passionate about. I’m a licensed veterinary technician and joined VCA as a hospital manager four years ago. From there I advanced to regional operations director, and recently joined the talent acquisition team in my current role. 

There are many ways within VCA a person can learn and grow. I feel fortunate to play a role in helping others become the professionals they want to be.

With over 1,000 hospitals across the country -- including general, specialty, and emergency locations -- VCA Animal Hospitals offers limitless opportunities to build the career of your dreams.
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“VCA offers a full range of benefits which reflects our commitment to associates’ health and well-being. Our commitment to flexibility is extremely important, allowing for work-life balance in our high-stress industry.”