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Sarah Weber

Sarah's background is pretty diverse in the animal field. She has worked in all aspects of canine behavior as a Sales Specialist for local pet stores as well as dog grooming. She has worked as a Boarding and Daycare Operations Manager, Canine Handler, and Shift Lead at Penn Vet Working Dog Center through the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Sarah works by accessing genetics, breed, lifestyle, physical and mental health in dogs to fully understand why they behave the way they do. Sarah puts a heavy focus on emotional well-being, calmness and engagement to help foster positive experiences with her canine and human clients.

When Sarah is not working, she enjoys camping, hiking, yoga and rock-climbing, all while spending time with her two dogs. 

Sarah holds numerous certifications, degrees, and accreditations, nationally and internationally, which includes:

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed, (CPDT-KA)
  • International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants - Accredited Dog Trainer
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers Accredited Dog Trainer, AKC Evaluator
  • Certified Canine Athletic Advisor
  • Certified Canine Conditioning Specialist
  • Professional Dog Trainer & Kennel Manager - Starmark Academy of Animal Behavior
  • Absolute Dogs - Pro Dog Trainer Academy
  • School of Canine Science - Canine Science Specialist

Pet Care Specialists

Just as we emphasize health, we also understand the value of providing a full line of care to our clients, which may include boarding and/or grooming services. Our team of caring and compassionate staff are here to offer your pets exceptional services that keep them feeling and looking their best while you're away.