Primary Care

Full Diagnostics

We know how stressful it can be when your beloved pet is ill or injured. As part of the diagnostic plan offered to further assess your pet's condition, we offer the following:

  • radiology (film x-rays)
  • outside laboratory services, including full chemistry profiles, CBC (complete blood cell counts), thyroid profiles, urinalysis, and further specialized tests

Through referrals to VCA Hanson, our doctors are also able to offer:

  • digital radiology
  • basic ultrasound assessment
  • in-house laboratory services

We also have access to referrals through specialty-care and emergency facilities (such as VCA South Shore in Weymouth), who can provide further diagnostics, such as:

  • MRI
  • CT-scans
  • fluoroscopy
  • full abdominal or thoracic ultrasounds
  • referral for assessment by a specialist (such as dermatology, cardiology, internal medicine, or oncology, just to name a few)