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James Romero
Hospital Manager

Warm Greetings,

I am proud and honored to be a part of the great team here at VCA Wyoming Animal Hospital. As the Hospital Manager I try to both lead and support the doctors and staff in maintaining a level of high quality care for our patients, and serve our clients with a welcoming and efficient professionalism. I want our patients, clients and team members to know VCA Wyoming to be a caring and welcoming place where we get to know you and your pet, and provide excellent medical care.

My first "professional" experience in the veterinary field was in junior high, when I walked into a neighborhood vet clinic and asked if I could volunteer for the summer. They let me come in and observe a couple of times a week for the next few months. Later, in 1990, while attending UNM (with a special interest in biology), I got a job at another local veterinary hospital. I was hired to sweep and mop. Lots of people in the veterinary field started in the kennels. I self-mockingly say I started as a janitor and was later promoted to the kennels. Over the next few years I worked my way up, learning patient care, and medical aspects of the job, and eventually became the Technical supervisor. During that time the hospital became part of the VCA family of hospitals, VCA West Mesa on the west-side of Albuquerque. After a few more years I was promoted to the Hospital manager position, and dedicated myself to learning the administrative and business aspects of a veterinary hospital. I have been privileged to work at or with several different VCA Hospitals over the years. I have been at VCA Wyoming since 2003, and it is my home.

I grew up in Albuquerque and am a 1986 graduate of Manzano High School (go Monarchs!). I proudly enjoy our city and our diverse state; and my family and I like to make car trips to both explore our state and other parts of the country. Growing up, one of my fond memories is of our pet rabbit Oscar, who could freely come in and out of the house though a make-shift doggie door. He and the poodle next door would take turns chasing each other across the yards and under the hedges. There was also Treeclimber, our calico cat, who lived up to her name as I seem to remember always having to look up to find her.

Having worked in the veterinary field for over 25 years I enjoy that every day is different, rewarding and challenging in many different ways. I enjoy the people I work alongside, and I try to be helpful and hands-on with both our teams of technicians, and receptionists. I really enjoy meeting and helping our clients and their loveable pets. If you haven't visited us before I encourage you to give us a try, and I would be proud and happy to give you a tour of our nice facility.

Thank you, James Romero