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Kari Camelio, Staff Veterinarian

Dr. Kari Camelio comes from a farming and rodeo background. She grew up with horses, cows, goats and many, many dogs. Strays always seemed to find their way to the Camelio household, usually by following Kari home. It is this affinity for furry creatures and her own French Bulldog, Maya, American Bulldog, Cash(pictured), and her mini Blue-Nose Pit, June, that drove Kari towards a career in veterinary medicine.

Before embarking on the long term goal of earning her degree, Kari gained veterinary assistant experience at multiple VCA Hospitals around California and volunteered as a wildlife rehabilitator for the Los Angeles Wildlife Way Center. She then went on to receive her Bachelor of Science degree and graduated with honors, from the University of California, Los Angeles. She attended veterinary school in the United Kingdom at the University of Edinburgh. Upon completing her doctorate, Dr. Camelio took a veterinarian position at West Riverside Animal Hospital.

Today, Kari is enjoying her position as a Veterinarian with the VCA Adler team. Dr. Camelio loves all animals and gets very involved in their care. She treats your pets as if they were her very own. When Kari isn't working hard at our hospital, she enjoys kayaking, yoga, walks with Maya, and all that Los Angeles has to offer!

Kari Camelio

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