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Sarah Roeh
Hospital Manager, CVT

Sarah began working in veterinary medicine as a Veterinary Assistant in 2014. While working as a Veterinary Assistant, Sarah completed an accredited Veterinary Technician program at the Veterinary Technician Institute of Fox College. Shortly after graduation, Sarah completed her state exam to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. While working as a primary care technician in the first 2 years of her career, Sarah soon realized she had a passion for helping very ill patients find their way back to health, and to their family.

In 2014, Sarah made the decision to join the Emergency and Critical are team at VCA Arboretum view! During her time with us, Sarah became drawn to leading others. Sarah has performed in many different roles in her 8 years with VCA, including ER/ICU technician, ER/ICU Technician Supervisor, Lead Specialty Surgery Technician, Hospital Technician Supervisor, and now Hospital Manager.  When not at work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family.