VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists offers a variety of animal anesthesia services for your pet. Anesthesia is the use of medicine to prevent the feeling of pain, provide muscle relaxation and produce a hypnotic state to create a state of unconsciousness during a surgical or dental procedure. Anesthetic agents are given via injection or through inhaled gases with the goal of inducing analgesia (loss of response to pain), amnesia (loss of memory), immobility (loss of motor reflexes), unconsciousness and relaxation of skeletal muscles. It is very normal for pet owners to be concerned and have questions about anesthesia. Please be assured that we take your pet's safety very seriously and take all precautions during anesthesia for his or her safety. All pets undergoing anesthesia are carefully monitored before, during, and after a procedure by our veterinarians and technicians to ensure the best outcome.

Please click on the links below for guides that we have created that will help answer some of the questions you may have about anesthesia for pets:

Anesthesia Essentials for Pet Owners - A Quick Reference Guide
Anesthesia Essentials for Pet Owners - An Information Guide Manual