What To Expect
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What To Expect
Referrals - What To Expect

After the discussion with your veterinarian to be referred to our facility, it can be a bit overwhelming. We hope that the information laid out for you on our website will help to ease the process of coming to our facility.

Our referral practice’s direct phone number is (716) 833-5345. Our referral coordinator is available to answer questions and schedule appointments Monday – Friday. She or one of our receptionists will help in scheduling an appointment for your pet. Once scheduled, we will need your veterinarian to send over a referral form along with any recent blood work/lab work that may have been performed as well as an updated vaccine history. Any radiographs should also be sent with client or emailed to our facility.

Once your pet’s appointment is scheduled, make sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Our doctors run on schedule and if you should arrive 5 minutes late we will have to reschedule this appointment so as not to back up the doctor’s schedule and inconvenience our scheduled clients. To help expedite the check in process, you may print out the referral forms ahead of time and bring with you to your appointment.

You have been referred by your veterinarian for a medical procedure and or/surgical treatment. We will complete these procedures and forward all pertinent information to your veterinarian. In the event your pet requires medical help in the future for a problem unrelated to this current one, we ask that you call your veterinarian. The knowledge and familiarity with your pet makes your veterinarian best qualified to manage further conditions. We will treat only your pet’s referred problem to completion. Our commitment to the Western New York veterinary community will not allow us to accept this pet as a patient of our general practice.

Once your pet has been seen, and if surgery has been recommended you will then be scheduled for the procedure and given a written estimate. The night before the procedure your pet should be fasted, this means no food after 6pm, unless otherwise instructed. The morning of the procedure you will bring your pet into the office at a scheduled admission time, please allot yourself at least 10-15 minutes for this process. When being admitted, the receptionist will ask you a series of questions as well as a contact number that you will be able to be reached during the day if we should have any questions or with any updates. We will have you sign the treatment plan (estimate) that was made for your pets procedure and we do require a down payment on all patient surgery’s at this time, with the remaining balance being paid at the time of your pets discharge. After this information is collected you will talk briefly with the veterinarian, if you should have any last minute questions or concerns this would be the time to have them addressed. Now that your pet has been admitted and you are able to leave, remember you may call the office at any time to see how your pet is doing.We encourage all veterinarians to expand their knowledge and stay up to date on the latest technologies, treatments and practices by attending one of the very informative conferences our hospital sponsors. It is not only a great forum for learning, but also it is a great way to compare notes with your colleagues on what concerns you and the veterinarian community at large.