Diagnostic Imaging

OFA and PennHip Evaluations

This research-based hip screening procedure has proven to be the most accurate and precise method to measure hip laxity.  It can identify dogs that are susceptible to developing hip dysplasia and can be performed on dogs as young as 16 weeks.  Canine hip dysplasia is the most commonly inherited orthopedic disease so an early estimate of a dog's hip integrity is invaluable.  It offers breeders the opportunity to make decisions on breeding stock and allows veterinarians to advise pet owners on lifestyle adjustments and preventive strategies to minimize the pain and progression of the disease in the family pet. 

A PennHIP evaluation includes a consultation/exam, sedation/anesthesia and submission of three PennHIP radiographs (X-rays) to the PennHIP Analysis Center for evaluation.  For more information on this screening procedure, contact our Surgery Department at 505 296-2982 or [email protected].