Primary Care

Our hospital offers primary care services that cover every pet’s basic needs. These services include spays and neuters, health exams, laboratory and pharmacy services, dental care, and much more! Please click on any of the subheadings listed below to learn more about the primary care services available to your pet.

Available Services
  • Just like us, our pets can sometimes experience allergy symptoms These allergic reactions may be related to ... Read more

  • Our hospital offers a variety of anesthesia services for your pet The term anesthesia indicates the use of medication ... Read more

  • Even though dogs and cats don’t get cavities, there are other types of dental disease that owners need to be aware of ... Read more

  • Our hospital offers a variety of dentistry services. At your pet's yearly examination it may be determined that they require a dental cleaning. Routine veterinary dentistry involves prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), polishing and a full oral examination.... Read more

  • Our hospital offers thorough Ear Exams as one of our many services Symptoms like head shaking, scratching and pawing at the ears ... Read more

  • Our hospital offers emergency care If you suspect your pet may be having a medical crisis, err on the side of caution and seek medical attention immediately ... Read more

  • Our staff will help you cope with euthanasia and end of life decisions Unfortunately, there comes a time in the life of all pets when ... Read more

  • Our hospital is proud to offer our clients a complete diagnostic laboratory Our in clinic laboratory machines can perform ... Read more

  • Our hospital offers many general surgery services that include a variety of common and elective procedures ... Read more

  • When your pet reaches his or her "golden years" they require special care and your veterinarian will recommend certain screening tests ... Read more

  • There are two types of health certificates available, one which approves pets for travel within the continental United States, and another ... Read more

  • Wellness exams not only help flag any potential problems with your pet's health, but they are also important in creating an overall medical history for your pet ... Read more

  • Our hospital is equipped with an In-House laboratory that enables our veterinarians to quickly perform diagnostic tests ... Read more

  • For your convenience, our hospital has an in-house pharmacy, enabling you to pick up your pet's medications at the time of your visit ... Read more

  • Our hospital offers a variety of Internal Medicine services Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, management and ... Read more

  • Keeping your pet pain-free is crucial to maintaining his or her quality of life Our veterinarians use a multi-modal approach to pain management that includes ... Read more

  • Our hospital offers routine radiology services Radiology is the study and science of x-rays ... Read more

  • In our continuing efforts to offer the highest quality veterinary medicine, we are pleased to provide a wide range of surgical services for our patients ... Read more

  • Our hospital routinely performs spays and neuters, the surgical sterilization of female and male dogs and cats Spaying involves ... Read more