Advanced Care

Advanced Dental Care

Both dogs and cats are susceptible to dental disease, particularly as they age. More than 85% of the dogs over the age of 4 show evidence of periodontal disease. Dental disease is not only unpleasant for the pet owner when it results in bad breath, but can also cause serious problems in the heart, kidneys, and liver of pets. Your doctor will look at your pet’s mouth during your annual visit. When necessary, we may recommend a professional dental cleaning. This includes the removal of harmful tarter, polishing, and a fluoride treatment to help prevent decay. Gingivitis can be reversed through a dental cleaning and polishing. Loss of tooth attachment or bone loss cannot be reversed and your veterinarian may need to perform other procedures such as tooth extraction or oral surgery.

The team at VCA Amherst Animal Hospital performs dentistry procedures in our office. Your veterinarian and their technicians will provide your pet’s dental services while your pet is anesthetized. We have a private dental suite where all of our dentistry procedures are performed. We use a state of the art ultrasonic scaler and polisher. Additionally we offer fluoride treatments, tooth sealants and doxirobe. Doxirobe is a substance which can sometimes save teeth damaged by periodontal disease.

Good oral hygiene starts at home with regular brushings and an appropriate diet. Our veterinarians or technicians will explain good oral home care to you during your annual visits. Keeping up with oral care is an important part of keeping your pet healthy.