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Adam Cooner
Co-Medical Director

Dr. Adam Cooner brings a lot to AMC. Veterinary medicine has been the perfect career to exercise his love of animals with science and the challenge of medicine. His passions are internal medicine, particularly endocrinology, emergency and critical care, ultrasound and x-ray, exotics medicine (particularly reptiles and amphibians), and wildlife medicine. He came to AMC because of the high quality medicine and state-of-the-art equipment: ultrasound, digital radiography complemented by the experienced and talented assistants and veterinary technicians that make a big difference in patient care and pet owner education.


When not at work, Dr. Cooner enjoys hiking with his wife, Dr. Haley F. Burke, and their son, as well as field herpetology coupled with photography. They have a full house of pets: dogs Ozzy and Mary Jane, cats Snothead and Tom, plus Stanley the snake, and an Amazon parrot named Oliver.


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