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Client Service Representative

When you started at CAH:
January 2012

Your favorite thing about CAH:
I enjoy the furry friends ( licks , tail wags, and loud purrs) and their families , they are all wonderful! I have met some of the kindest families that leave me to believe that their are some really amazing people.

Your favorite animal:
As everyone knows, I love all creatures!!

Your area of interest at CAH:
Though I can no longer par take in x-rays, radiology has always been my interest.

My pets:
Chester is a shipoo. Born 4/2017, he is a loveable, goofy guy!
Skai is a tiny, but mighty terrier mix. Born 12/2016, she does her best to be center of attention at all times.
Noodle is white siamese mix, born 5/2000. This senior guy sleeps and eats, and enjoys retirement :)
Trooper is a domestic shorthair, born 9/2003, found by a garbage pick up in a box (3 weeks old). I took him home to "foster". He is the sweetest, most loving cat!
Rosie is a bearded dragon, born 10/2015. Even though her facial expressions don't actually change, we always know what she is thinking!
Harvey is a cockatiel that flew into the school playground 3 years ago at the school my daughter teaches at. My grandson, Aiden, has become his "dad"..Harvey is so sweet.
Ralph is my african gray. He will be 24 years old on  3/2020. This is my boy!! Ralph has a vocabulary well over 100 words, and he loves to sit on my knee and watch TV.

Hobbies other interests outside of work:
Outside of work, I love musical theater, ballroom dancing, crossword puzzles, and coffee.

Client Services

We are committed to providing the best possible service and our Client Services team loves to exceed pet owner's expectations. Whether it's answering your calls, guiding you and your pet to the exam rooms or checking you in and out quickly, our Client Service representatives and Receptionists are dedicated to providing helpful client and patient support that raises the bar on customer service.