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Health Certificates

All of our veterinarians are accredited by the USDA to issue Health Certificates.
Most airlines require that the Health Certificate be issued within 10 days of travel.
Your pet's current Rabies Certificate should accompany the Health Certificate.

Click here for the Health Certificate.

A Health Certificate is a document that is issued by the veterinarian certifying that 1) the veterinarian has examined the traveling dog or cat, 2) considers the pet to be in good health and free of infectious or contagious diseases, and 3) the pet has a current rabies vaccination and is not from a rabies quarantined area. The Health Certificate must be prepared by a USDA accredited veterinarian (all of our veterinarians have obtained this accreditation).

If your dog or cat is traveling to Hawaii, or internationally, there may be more requirements for travel in addition to the Health Certificate and Rabies Certificate (microchip, blood tests, special forms, USDA endorsement, etc). For more details, please feel free to contact our office manager, the country's consulate office, or the following:

USDA Animal Health Branch (for travel within the U.S.) - (916) 654-1447

USDA, APHIS, VS (for international travel, including Canada and Mexico):
 El Segundo, California Office - (310) 955-3311
Sacramento, California Office - (916) 854-3900

Hawaii Quarantine Station - (808) 483-7151
Email: [email protected]