Pet Boarding

Resort Experience

The VCA Greenbelt Pet Resort Experience


spending your vacation at an exclusive resort offering luxurious accommodations, pampered care and fine cuisine.
gazing upon grand views of landscaped gardens, manicured lawns and an exquisite outdoor aviary, and
choosing from an itinerary filled with invigorating morning walks, planned social activities, afternoon siestas and end-of-the-day strolls.

Resort guests enjoy the following five-star features:

Professional, attentive staff.
  Resort associates are trained by Greenbelt Veterinary Hospital veterinarians and technicians. They are responsible, devoted animal lovers who enjoy caring for and pampering our guests.
First-class accommodations.
Drawing upon their experience in animal care, our veterinarians have considered what a pet care facility should be and what benefits it should provide.
Comfortable, year-round climate control
including a special air-intake system for felines.
Indoor/outdoor recreational areas. 
Time for exercise is extended to all guests.  Times and duration vary by the season and weather conditions. Canine playtime sessions allowing for one-on-one interaction with a staff associate.  Guests in the Cat Condos have access to our unique cat gym. 
Salon de Beaute - the Resort's luxury spa time! 
Includes a conditioning bath, examination of ears, teeth brushed, anal glands checked and a pedicure. All spa services are performed while the guest enjoys window views of outdoor activity.