Pet Grooming

We are proud to say our groomer has been with VCA Hamilton Animal Hospital for over ten years.  We can accommodate both canine and feline grooming including basic baths, cuts, shave downs, as well as medicated baths as instructed by your veterinarian.  It is best to book your grooming appointment in advance as the groomer books up quickly.  Depending on the day, one of our technicians or assistants can perform your pet's basic or medical grooming.  Please call to discuss your needs so we may accommodate you appropriately.  We welcome pets with special needs, such as physical handicap, medical issues and pets experiencing their first grooming appointment.  Every pet deserves a day to be pampered!

A full groom includes:
Blow dry
Nail trim
A haircut to the owner's specifications

Our groomer is very experienced, and we recommend that you schedule in advance as her schedule fills quickly.  Grooming appointments are booked on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Please call VCA Hamilton Animal Hospital today to request an appointment. 

Available Services
  • Our hospital offers bathing services for your canine or feline.   The bath also includes ear cleaning and nail trim.   We require a current rabies vaccination or proof of vaccination from another hospital or clinic for all grooming pets.... Read more

  • The condition of your cat’s coat can tell you a lot about his or her health. All cats benefit from regular brushing. Brushing removes loose hairs, dead skin cells, parasites, debris, and dirt, as well as redistributes your cats natural skin oils.... Read more

  • Our professional groomer will provide your pet with a quality pampering experience from the first puppy cut through the senior years. Any special instructions can be left when your pet is dropped off including phone number and approximate pick up time.   Each full groom includes a haircut (if requested), shampooing, blow dry, ear cleaning and plucking (if needed), and a nail trim.... Read more

  • Our hospital offers safe, low-stress nail trims for dogs and cats.   Please contact our hospital for more information.  .... Read more