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Health Certificates

If you plan to jet set to a foreign country with a pet, either for a visit or permanently, then chances are an international health certificate will be necessary to gain entry. Most countries have strict guidelines for bringing a pet in, and no two seem to have the same requirements.  Unraveling the specific regulations and preparing the proper documentation can be more excruciatingly painful than applying for a people passport, and is a job best left to one of our skilled associate veterinarians.

Dr. Bonnie Cate is an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service accredited veterinarian, who can certify your pet’s health status, conduct required tests and lab work, and properly record the results so the dog or cat can travel.  She has significant experience preparing clients’ pets to travel to various international destinations, and offers the following tips to make the process as smooth as possible:

  • View the website and speak with the consulate or embassy of the country you will visit for information.
  • Contact our office quickly, even if you are just thinking of traveling internationally with your pet. The procedure to export a pet into specific countries can require six months to complete.
  • Provide us with your itinerary when it is final.  Some countries have specific time frames before departure within which we must perform treatments and tests.
  • Keep us in the loop if your travel plans change
  • Be aware that advance notice of travel plans translates into an easier, less stressful experience for all involved.
  • Try to be flexible. International health certificate requirements change frequently to reflect the country’s export status and local and world epidemiology concerns.
  • It may be necessary to produce the document in the language and letters of the country in which your pet will visit.
  • Be patient while we research all the necessary details to assure your pet can travel safely with you.

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Health Certificates

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