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Amy Carney
Hospital Manager

Hello, my name is Amy, I’m originally from Minnesota, though I’m not a Texas native, I am proud to call Texas my home! I graduated from Saint Cloud State University, with a degree in biology and minor in psychology. From a young age I have always loved helping animals and hoped someday to make it my career. In 2008, I joined the VCA Northwest Hills family. I love that my job with VCA allows me to help so many pets get the quality care they need and deserve. In my spare time, I foster and volunteer with several local rescue and animal welfare groups. I’m particularly active within both the collie and pug rescue communities. Rescue is my passion! My husband and I regularly foster anywhere from 1-3 dogs at a time. Our own dogs do a great job of helping teach our foster dogs to follow routines and what it means to be loved, so that they can be ready for their forever homes. We also have a wonderful and very tolerant cat that is the alpha of our little pack.