Advanced Care


We are proud to be able to provide sophisticated ultrasound services for our clients’ pets.

Ultrasound is particularly effective at looking inside solid or fluid filled structures such as those in the abdomen and the heart. These are areas where radiography (x-ray), the traditional imaging mode, is limited in many ways. For example, radiography produces a shadow of the outline of the liver and its relative size. But ultrasound shows additional details of the various blood vessels and ducts within the liver, gives clues as to the organ's texture, and even demonstrates tumors and other diseases within the organ.

Ultrasound is much less effective imaging bone or lung. Fortunately these are the very areas in which radiographic images excel. Having access to both radiography and ultrasound gives our veterinarians the ability to image almost all body areas accurately.

Dr. Danowitz, Dr. Weiner, Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Briggs all perform both abdominal ultrasounds as well as echocardiograms of the heart at our main office in Lakewood.