Pet Grooming

Here at the Ocean County Veterinary Group, we believe every pet can benefit from a clean and healthy coat! Regular and proper grooming helps keep your pet's skin and coat in great shape. Our natural coat-conditioning products will loosen dead hair, moisturize skin and ease your home grooming process. If your pet needs an examination and vaccines, you can can schedule to see one of our veterinarians AND leave your pet to get fresh and clean that same day!

We welcome and can accommodate all breeds of dogs (we currently do not offer grooming for cats). Each dog is groomed in the safety and comfort of our hospital. Veterinarians are on site to assist pets with special needs.

Grooming Hours: 
Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM 
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Available Services
  • If your dog is anything like most, they run for the hills when it's bath time, but keeping your dog's coat and skin clean is beneficial to everyone. We always brush your dog before bathing to removed any matted fur. Using lukewarm water and dog shampoo (human shampoo has a different pH and can irritate and even burn your dog's delicate skin), we rinse all the soap out of your dog's coat and then dry.... Read more

  • Coming soon!

    The condition of your cat’s coat can tell you a lot about his or her health. All cats benefit from regular brushing. Brushing removes loose hairs, dead skin cells, parasites, debris, and dirt, as well as redistributes your cats natural skin oils.... Read more

  • Dipping refers to a concentrated solution that is poured directly on your dog's fur or dabbed on with sponge to kill fleas. Most products are not washed off so the formula can work to kill fleas.

    Flea dips are safe for pets, but must be administered correctly with the correct dosage.... Read more

  • Our professional groomers will provide your pet with a quality pampering experience from the first puppy cut through into the senior years. They will personally greet you when you arrive for your appointment and will inquire about your preferences for your pet. Each full groom includes shampooing, blow dry, ear cleaning and plucking, nail trim, and anal gland expression, if needed, and hair cut.... Read more

  • Nail trimming is a very common grooming need for pets. Dogs have an area of nerves and blood vessels within their nail bed called the "quick. " Cutting the nail too short can cause a lot of bleeding and major discomfort to your pet.... Read more

  • Our hospital offers your pet a multitude of spa packages for your pet. Call us to make an appointment and ask us about all the options we have to pamper your pet. .... Read more