Preventive Care

Weight Management Program

"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." ~ Ann Wigmore

Deciding what to feed your pet is about much more than just what tastes good. The right diet can provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of good health. It can also improve performance and even help to manage a number of existing medical conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis.

The problem many pet parents face is that with so many food products to choose from, determining which one would be the best fit for your companion can be a challenge. Similarly, figuring out what weight range is ideal for your pet can be downright confusing.

What you need is the advice and guidance of an expert. The team at VCA PineRidge is up to the task! With our professional nutrition and weight management services, you can feel confident that your loved one is receiving the optimum balance of food and exercise to remain as healthy and fit as possible throughout his or her lifetime.

The process begins with a comprehensive nutritional analysis of your pet. We'll conduct a thorough physical exam and consider such important factors as what breed your pet is, his or her age, present weight and whether there are any medical conditions that must be accounted for. Once we have all of the data we need, we can then develop a customized diet that will help meet your pet's unique nutritional needs and support his or her well-being most effectively. We'll also advise you on how much and how often you should be feeding your pet to avoid excess calorie intake.

Next, we'll determine what your pet's ideal weight range should be. This is important since companion animals that are overweight are more at risk of developing a number of serious medical conditions, some of which can be life threatening. Conversely, pets that don't weigh enough are more likely to become ill or suffer an injury. We'll identify what weight range would provide your pet with the best chance at a long, healthy life and come up with a strategy to both achieve that target weight range and maintain it over time.

Lastly, we will revisit your companion's nutrition and weight management plan from time to time to ensure that it's still as effective as it was originally designed to be. As animals age, their health care needs change. We'll evaluate your pet's needs every so often, and make the necessary adjustments so that we continue to achieve optimum results throughout your loved one's lifetime.

Don't play a guessing game when it comes to your pet's health. Trust the team at VCA PineRidge. We can develop a customized diet and exercise plan that will help bring out the very best in your furry friend!