Top 7 cute animal-themed pumpkin decorations


With Halloween around the corner, you’ve already got your pumpkins primed and ready to go. We’ve got some cute critter-themed patterns for you to try out! 

Cat: This pattern is a real winner! Not only is it simple to emulate, it’s just the right amount of spooky. Start with two triangle-shaped ears, then work your way down to the eyes, nose and whiskers.

Dog paw: Leave your mark on a pumpkin with a “paw-some” dog paw pattern! Cute enough to avoid scaring any little ones, this design is great for those who want to honor their family dog on All Hallows' Eve. Start with the big metacarpal pad then add in the cute digital ones.

Owl: Who who who’s got the cutest pumpkin? An owl pattern is simple enough for kids to help with and makes a charming statement on your front steps! Start with the eyes and then the beak. Adding expressive eyebrows are a great additional touch.

Rabbit: A bunny pattern is great for all ages. Start with two floppy ears before adding a cute button nose and whiskers.

Raccoon: What’s orange, adorable and striped all over? A raccoon pumpkin sure is a charmer! When painting or carving, make its bushy tail the star.

Goldfish: Pumpkins are the perfect color and shape to make cute goldfish. Just paint or cut a big mouth at the base and fins and big eyes on the sides. 

Octopus: Calling all pumpkin-carving masters, because this one’s tricky. The octopus carving with its eight tentacles is sure to win a prize for decorations.

When carving, painting or decorating pumpkins, remember that the stem, skin, pulp and raw seeds are dangerous for your pet to eat. Keep the decorations out of reach from curious paws. 


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