Advanced Care

Advanced care services are services that go above and beyond what a general hospital visit may be for your pets. Advanced services may be items such as specialized surgeries, eye treatment, diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, or therapies. Please click on any of the subheadings listed below to learn more about our services in advanced care.

Available Services
  • Our hospital offers advanced dental care techniques, including services such as root canals, root planing, crown placement, gum (gingival) surgery, and orthodontics

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  • "Laser therapy" sounds a little like something from your favorite sci-fi movie. However, tested by doctors for many decades, it became a common therapy in both human and animal medicine about 10 years ago. You may hear laser therapy termed “cold laser” therapy or “low level laser” therapy (LLLT).... Read more

  • Our hospital offers dermatology services Our veterinarians will perform a detailed history, physical examination and basic medical ... Read more

  • Our hospital offers a number of diagnostic imaging services Diagnostic imaging refers to the techniques and processes used to create images of your pet's body or body parts for medical purposes ... Read more

  • Our hospital is proud to offer state-of-the-art digital radiology services. Digital x-rays are essentially film-less x-rays. Traditional x-rays use photographic film to capture images whereas digital x-rays use a digital image capture device (computer) to record the x-ray image.... Read more

  • Our hospital routinely performs electrocardiograms as part of our cardiology services. An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a readout of the electrical activity of the heart. If your veterinarian hears a heart rhythm abnormality (called an arrhythmia) in your pet's heart beat, they will recommend an ECG.... Read more

  • Commonly used since the 1960s, Carbon Dioxide Laser Surgery is a very common form of minimally invasive surgery. One of the earliest gas lasers developed, the CO2 laser still remains one of the most efficient and is the highest powered continuous wave laser available.

    The CO2 laser has many valuable properties above traditional surgical tools.... Read more

  • Ophthalmology deals with diseases and problems of the eye. Pet eye diseases that you may be familiar with include cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachments, and corneal ulcers.

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  • Whether your pet requires soft tissue surgery as part of cancer treatment or to repair a hernia, our practice lends the highest possible level of care and expertise. Soft tissue surgery concerns a wide variety of conditions including gastrointestinal, dermatology, urogenital and oncological surgery. Because we know that surgery is a serious and stressful issue, when discussing the possibility of surgery, our practice seeks to develop a communicative relationship with you so you can feel at ease with your decision.... Read more

  • When an eye problem develops and a detailed exam is needed, the doctor will often use a device called a tonopen ... Read more

  • The terms “ultrasound”, “ultrasonography” and “sonogram” may sound familiar to you. Widely used in the last 50 years, doctors first applied ultrasonography in medicine to detect pregnancy. In a frame or scrapbook at home, you may even have your child’s first “sonogram.... Read more