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Monica Capella
Staff Veterinarian DVM

Dr. Monica Capella has been a veterinarian with VCA Calvert Veterinary Center since June of 2019. Dr. Monica Capella received her doctorate degree from Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine in 2019 with particular interests in internal and exotic veterinary medicine. Dr. Monica Capella has been an Associate Veterinarian in the field for a little over two years and continues to pursue continuing education in exotic and companion medicine, with a focus on the introduction of new diagnostics and techniques to our practice. She now lives in Maryland with partner, Jen, and their fur family including Nova (Pitbull), Smokey (Pomeranian), Sunny and Minnie (Beagles), Estrellita and Luna (cats), and her rabbit, Sir Bentley. When not at work, you can find Dr. Capella out on the soccer field, on a hike, or trying out new restaurants/food recipes, as eating (a little too much sometimes) is also a favorite hobby!

"I enjoy working with the veterinarians and staff at VCA Calvert Veterinary Center because each day I walk in the door, I see countless of examples of compassion, strong work ethic, care and love from clients for their pets, and dedication to providing the best medical care for our patients. It is a constant source of inspiration for me."


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