Pet Counseling

Our hospital offers counseling for issues that may be affecting your pet. These issues could range from a pet being overweight and needing nutritional counseling to changes in behavior that require behavior modification. If your pet is experiencing pain, house soiling, irritability, aggression, anxiety or compulsive behaviors, consult your pet’s veterinarian. Our team is able to help find the root cause of your pet’s problem and devise a treatment plan. If the problem is beyond our staff’s ability to treat, we will refer you to another trusted and trained professional for assistance.

Available Services
  • As a Fear Free Certified practice, all of our doctors are fear free certified and many have undergone additional training in canine and feline behavior. Our staff is trained in working with pets with anxiety surrounding their veterinary visits and in putting these pets at ease. If you have more serious behavioral concerns about your pet, schedule a Behavioral Consultation with one of our highly trained doctors.... Read more

  • VCA Fairway Nutrition

    Obesity is the number one nutritional problem facing pets today and can lead to severe health problems if not addressed.  Pets with certain medical conditions such as liver, kidney, bladder, heart disease, or obesity often require specific nutritional therapy to minimize symptoms of their disease. If your pet has any of these conditions, contact your veterinarian to discuss possible dietary recommendations or alterations.... Read more