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Margarito Soto
Client Service Representative

I was born in San Antonio, Texas. Most of my life I was raised in the town of Rockwall, Texas. My legacy is to insure that all people are treated equally and that just because we are all different doesn't mean that we can't all bring something to the table (with a floral center piece of course). I also believe that we can accomplish anything in life if we always put our best foot forward, with matching accessories of course (just because you have a great chandelier doesn't mean you don't need the furniture and the drapes).

My hobbies are to collect friends that I don't know yet and to make sure that they are always happy, regardless of what the day may bring. My best friends are my mom and my dad, with out them I wouldn't be the person that I am today. The love of my life is Brian, without him I would have no comic relief!

I think I have the best dogs ever. Prada, my first, is the sweetest little girl. Max can only be described as the most laid back dog you'll ever meet.

Behind my back my friends will say, "If God had not invented mirrors, what would he do???" If the truth be known???? They're right. I'd like to think of all the people in my life as diamonds, if I can't wear them how would people know how they bring the sparkle to my life!!! I hope when I vacation in heaven I can stand before God and say I had used up all the talents he gave me!!

Client Services

We are committed to providing the best possible service and our Client Services team loves to exceed pet owner's expectations. Whether it's answering your calls, guiding you and your pet to the exam rooms or checking you in and out quickly, our Client Service representatives and Receptionists are dedicated to providing helpful client and patient support that raises the bar on customer service.