Pet Boarding

Cat Boarding

For our feline friends boarding here, we offer spacious kitty condos and access to our sunroom with prime bird watching opportunities.  

The feline boarding area is separated from the canine boarding area so that they aren't stressed out by barking pups. Additionally, we use Feliway and calming background music to keep the cats stress-free. 

We also provide toys, treats, hiding spaces and scratching posts for the cat boarders. 

The sun room is ideal for multiple cat households.

There is a charge of $3.00 per day to administer medications. There is no additional charge to use house food.


Feline Boarding Tour

Meet Molly. Her favorite place to stay is in our sunroom. She likes to sits on the window perch watching birds and any other happenings in the feline boarding area. 

Here's another picture of our sunroom. It's spacious with a glass door and window. It is furnished with scratching posts, beds, food dishes, litter boxes, toys and hiding places. 

It's perfect for any cat, or even multiple cats. Up to four cats (from the same household) would be able to stay comfortably in our sun room.

 We offer a variety of cat spaces. Each space has bedding and blankets, toys, food dishes and litter boxes. In the space, there are multiple ledges so cats can perch. In this space, there is pass through in the wall so your cat will have access to both areas.

This is another example of a cat space we offer when boarding. This suits cats that like to climb and aren't afraid of heights. It is furnished with the same items as any other cat space, just a little bit more creatively arranged.