Pet Boarding

Dog Boarding

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the boarding center at VCA Merrimac. My name is Pocahontas and I'm a regular here so let me show you around. I'm super friendly and I love to play! I can't wait to meet new friends so tell your human to call my human assistants at (757) 253-0812 to schedule a stay!

Let's start in the canine VIP ward. This is the perfect space for small pups; it measures at 3x4. It offers privacy in case you are an anxious or nervous pup. The accommodations include a cot, bed, and soft blankets for resting; if your human forgets your favorite toy, you'll get a stuffed animal or Kong. 

Housekeeping comes twice a day to freshen up bedding; unless you are extra messy, then they'll visit more. 

Fresh water is provided at all times; the chef will deliver your meals based on the instructions left by your human. If allowed, you will also get treats. 

Next up is the canine Platinum area. It measures at 4x5 and is great for medium-sized dogs. 

You'll receive the same accommodations as VIP with bedding, toys and food. If you're an older dog and getting up on the cots is hard, housekeeping with provide you with extra blankets and a comfy bed. 

If you like having roommates, Platinum is good for small to medium sized dogs to share. 

I saved the best for last. This is the Diamond area, it measures at 5x6 and it is the most popular area in the boarding area. It has a window so you can keep a watch on the activities outside and get a daily dose of sunshine! 

It's also large enough for any size roommates to share the space. 

And of course, it comes with all the accommodations offered in the VIP and Platinum areas! 

Here are some pictures of my friends and me! We hang out here while our humans work. The kennel team makes sure that we get plenty of time to run in the yard, play in the pool, and enjoy treats like "pup"sicles!